Ketogenic diet against diet shakes

If you want to lose extra pounds permanently, you have to think about your lifestyle. Crash diets bring only short-term success, the yo-yo effect strikes again after the end of the diet.

A long-term diet change is advisable.

For example, the ketogenic diet . confirms that carbohydrates are mainly dispensed with in this form of nutrition and are mainly fed on protein-rich and protein-rich foods.

Quick Overview

What can be eaten with the ketogenic diet?

Those who feed themselves ketogen, the predominantly takes food with high protein content and healthy fats to himself. These include lean meat, fish and low-carbohydrate vegetables. Absolutely taboo, in a ketogenic lifestyle, are starchy foods such as bread, potatoes, and noodles. Must be waived on sweets and fruit, as it contains a high proportion of fructose.

How can you lose weight through the ketogenic diet?

The body absorbs its energy from the blood sugar caused by the absorption of carbohydrates. However, if no carbohydrates are added to the body, it is looking for alternative sources of energy. The body gets into the so-called ketosis, also called hunger metabolism. If more fat cells than sugar are present in the blood, the body can burn fat more effectively. Excess kilos have no chance, the person decreases.

What else can the ketogenic diet do?

Since sugar is completely eliminated from the diet in a ketogenic diet, it is possible to eradicate diseases that benefit from the consumption of sugar. Especially in cancer medicine to promote the ketogenic diet, as cancer cells feed mainly on sugar in the body. A ketogenic lifestyle is not only good for weight loss, but it also does good for your health.

How much does the ketogenic lifestyle cost?

The ketogenic diet consists predominantly of protein sources in the form of fish and meat. These sources of energy are of course more expensive than cheap carbohydrate foods such as potatoes or pasta.

As the ketogenic diet is a permanent dietary change, more money is spent on nutrition.

diet shakes

Unlike the long-term dietary change to the ketogenic diet, diet shakes are still popular for getting rid of a few pounds fast. For example, the shakes of Yokebe are popular .

Losing weight with shakes

Diet shakes are no novelty on the market of diet products. For many years, weight loss takers have successfully lost weight with shakes.

How do diet shakes work?

Diet shakes promise quick success without much calorie counting. The shakes are designed to simply replace a meal to help with weight loss. These diets are therefore suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight without long counting of calories and without major changes in diet.

The shakes are easy to make. The user simply adds water or milk to the pre-prepared powder products and shakes until the desired consistency is achieved. The shakes are rich in proteins, which are of great importance for weight loss.

Now, the shake will replace a meal – usually lunch or dinner. In this way can be removed quickly a few kilos.

How long does the weight loss effect last?

As long as the diet shakes replace a meal, the user may lose weight. In the long term, however, many people who want to lose weight become too monotonous, the desire for hearty food inhibits success. If the meal is no longer replaced by shakes, the kilos often come back.

What do diet shakes cost?

Cheap diet shakes cost from about 10 euros for a pack that lasts for about a week. However, it is always important to pay attention to the nutrient combination that is made up of the different products.

The diet is not suitable for a permanent diet change, customer successes can be quickly destroyed.

What is better

Clearly both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. For the shake speaks:

  • Easy to prepare
  • Very fast to prepare
  • Quick first results

On the other hand speaks that here no conversion of the nutrition is made. Substituting the shake you take again. For sure, a few kilos is the easier way.

For the ketogenic diet speaks:

  • Long-term change of diet
  • Very varied in contrast to shakes

In the end, both variants work. Which you prefer is up to you.

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