Signs that you are doing your texting the right way

If you have been searching for a date for the longest time possible and now you have a face that matches your taste, that is a plus for you. You can even start thinking of scheduling actual dates with your new catch but you should never think of that before going the Text Chemistry way. You cannot just text someone you have just connected with and start asking them for meetings. That can make you look very desperate. Before you can even think of dates, you should carefully come up with a texting plan. If you do not plan your texting, you can end up embarrassing yourself big time. There are texting rules and etiquette that must be followed especially when you are texting your first date. The rules only apply to text and not to face to face conversations. When texting, some signals and signs will tell you if you are doing it the right way or wrong way. Read More on that below:

When you wait before responding

This is among the many rules of texting. As much as you might want to text all the times and become a sweet loving date, sometimes replying immediately you receive a text gives your date a whiff of how idle and desperate you can be. After you have received a text of what are you up to today, wait for at least thirty minutes before you can answer. That will clearly show your date that you have work to do and that you have accomplishments and not desperately waiting for texts.

When you take long to reply, your catch will start figuring out what you might be doing. Immediately, he/she will have images of you being busy and trying to finish your work on time. If your date waits for some time before answering your text, just know that they are either very important or they have mastered the texting rule. You can only tell that you are doing it the right way when you wait before you can answer.

When sending novels isn’t your thing

Many people would love to express themselves in long sentences and paragraphs not knowing that they are doing it the wrong way. No one has all the time in the world to read all the novels that you are sending to them. They probably have work to do and they would appreciate it when you send simple and short messages. If you master the trick of sending short messages, your date will surely be interested in you. All your messages will also be answered. Sometimes after you have a long paragraph of a message to read, it is vital if you answer in short sentences and sometimes laugh off.

When you text at the right time

There are times that texting is not appropriate. For example, if your date is always busy during the day, texting them at that time might not be wise enough. They might even end up forgetting that you texted them. to avoid such embarrassment, you should consider texting when you well know that your date is free from any kind of distractions. It is recommended that you text when they are about to go to bed. That is the best time for them to answer you and pay attention to every detail that you have to say. Read More on texting time tips.

When your date shows interest before and after meeting

There are those dates that die even before meeting. There are also those dates that die after the meeting. To make sure that your date will always be interested in you, you should use your texting tactics very well. For example, you should always check on your date. Find out how they are and show concern about what they are going through. If possible, you should bring up the topics that you discussed before. That way, your date will know that you are always thinking about him/her. If possible, send your date a simple message telling him/her that you miss him/her. Such simple words speak volumes and will tell that the two of you are still on the same page. And after you are done texting, you should appreciate your date for finding time for you. that shows how kind and respectful you are.

When your date can laugh at your jokes

You will know that you are doing your texting right when your partner can laugh at your jokes. It is not that possible for a person that you have never met to make jokes with you. The reason being, they do not know if you like their sense of jokes or not. After you have known each other a little bit through texting, you can easily realize the kind of jokes that your date lives. Once in awhile, make them laugh. When they respond positively to your jokes, you will know that your text chemistry is working in your favor.

When your date is interested in meeting you

Another way to tell that your text chemistry is when you realize that your date is interested in meeting you. Texting sometimes is important in finding out whether you can meet or stop the idea of meeting immediately. The way you express yourself through text will determine if your date would wish to meet you or not. When you find out that your date wants to meet you, that means that your text chemistry worked. Read More on text chemistry to understand how to do it the right way.

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