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I always a dream of becoming a Journalist but I needed more than just the normal way of education. This is where the likes of PSU ComMedia came to be and now I am close to where I want to be in my career.

Anie Franklin

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Get maximum benefit from the meat grinder you own

There are certain things in our homes that we have purchased once and we never use them because these are packed somewhere. Same is the case with meat grinders in many houses and people are shy to use these grinders. There are two possibilities why people do not use these grinders on a regular basis:

  • They avoid the hard work because their meat grinders are hand held
  • They do not want to unpack the gadget just because of a single use

If you are among the same persons, you might have decided wrong while making a purchase of meat grinder few time ago. There are very easy to use grinders available in the market which would not require much effort from you and they will produce best results even if these are not packed again! This is a misconception that you have to pack your gadget every time in order to preserve its efficiency.

Maximum benefits from a meat grinder:

There are certain benefits that you can take from your meat grinders if you were right in selecting the brand and product you own. If you have made a wrong choice, do not worry as this article would make you able to select the right grinder for your next purchase. If you do not own a grinder, purchase it today if you are a real meat lover and meat is one of the main dishes that you cook in your home. Meat grinders are usually associated with hunters and professionals cook but this is not the right thing as there are many benefits that you can derive from these gadgets in your home as well. We have enlisted few of the advantages when you buy the right product after reading proper meat grinder reviews.

  • Eat healthy and pure
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Make different dishes easily
  • Get independent

Eat healthy and pure:

Whenever we outsource our meal related things to a professional butcher, there is always a risk of impurity. Normally these shops are not clean and there is a risk of getting infections. Same is the case when we buy packaged meat and mince. Packaged meat and minced have the possibility of bacteria inside them because these are usually preserved using different preservatives and if kept for a long time these preservatives turn to many harmful objects. It is important to make timely decision when you want to eat healthy. Owning a meat grinder is the first thing in this aspect and you can start eating healthy food right away when you own a meat grinder. If you are unsure about the relation of health and meat grinders, you can read more about this with meat grinder reviews.

Save time:

A good meat grinder will enable you to save time. You would not be required to go outside and wait for the meat to get minced. We usually face delays in butcher shops because there are many people who want to get the services. With owning your own gadget, you will always be in a position to save your time.

Save money:

A good one time investment will enable you to save money in future. Butchers charge a lot of money and when you are a regular consumer of meat this is a great deal of money. You can save these service costs by purchasing your meat grinder. Travel cost would also be reduced and you would save a lot of money by just owning a simple gadget at your home.

Make different dishes independently:

Have you ever noticed we do not make several dishes because of the ready availability of meat and mince? This is the story of every home and people do not cook dishes and order them from restaurants. You can make all the dishes at your home if you have some good gadgets in your kitchen. The good news is that these kitchen gadgets are not too expensive and you can purchase them easily from the online stores at reduced prices. There are many options available and you can select depending on your needs. If you are low at budget, you can select a less functionality gadget which can fulfil your basic needs. With a nice meat grinder, you will be able to make a lot of dishes which you only imagined to cook in your home!

Get independent:

Independency is the best thing to achieve in any task. What if you reach the butcher shop to only find that it is closed or there are already a lot of people to get the same service? This is annoying and the only way to bypass this dependence is to own your grinder. When you have a grinder in your kitchen, you would not remain dependent on the butchers and restaurants, you would easily mince the meat of your favorite animal and then you can make plenty of dishes with that meat without asking for help from anybody.

There are many advantages of owning your own grinder. It is not only limited to meat and stuff related to meat, in fact you can grind a lot of other things that are used in daily cooking. Do not forget to read about different products at meat grinder reviews to enable yourself in selecting the right product for your kitchen. Once you have made a good decision, this would benefit you for a number of coming years.

How to make money as a felon

When you visit, you will find various jobs for felons. Most of the jobs might not be well paying and thus, you might want to look for an alternative to ensure that you lead a comfortable life. When you are convicted of a crime, you will realize that it might be tough to get a job as a convicted criminal especially if it is a felony. Mistakes are made by everyone and it is possible that some laws might not just make sense.

With a criminal record, it might be hard to get a job. You might have made a mistake or two in your life but at the moment, you want to move on and put it all behind you. You might have done your time, made amends with the state by ensuring that you pay fines or restitution. You could have done some charity work just to make yourself feel better, but all that doesn’t remove your name from the list of those who committed a felony and thus, making it hard for you to get a decent job.

So what do you do if society still feels that you need to be punished more? When those who are hiring don’t want to take you in due to what you did in the past? It will just make you feel as if you are doomed and hopeless forever. Logging onto might give you a glimpse of hope instead of resorting back into doing illegal things for money.

Going to college to earn a degree might not make sense to someone who has committed a felony due to the fact that, the degree will not help in covering up the mistakes when a background check is run on you by an employer. This might make you feel like life is full of setbacks. But you should never give up as there are several options out there for felons just like yourself that you might have never thought about:

  • Make money online: It is not easy to make money online but if you are realistic, it is possible. You don’t have to necessarily go to college to take special courses in design to learn how to make good money on the internet. But you will only succeed in it if you have an approach which is realistic and view it as a career or job instead of a quick scheme to get rich.It is hard to expect to earn realistically a full-time income during your first week or month working online. For you to make it, you have to combine it with other income until you are able to see things working great for you. This is likely going to take several months or even up to a year.

    But it is possible on your second month to be able to earn up to $1500 or even more in your second month working online. This will all depend on the number of hours you will be able to put in on a daily basis and how creative you are. In case you don’t own a computer, you can go to a public library.

    Some of the things which you can make money from include writing articles, for article sites which pay, having an informational website and ensuring that you place Google Adsense ads on it, making YouTube videos and in the process gaining a large following, and selling domain names,

    There are several ways to succeed when it comes to online business world without necessarily having past experience. But you will need to commit to work for at least between 4 to 8 hours every day and view it the way you would view any other job that you will find at

    You will need to ensure that you stay motivated and keep working at it on a daily basis until things pay off. If you are the type of person who looks for easy pay off, such as doing surveys which are paid for, you will never be in a position to make money working online.

    Paid surveys and paid to click sites could just be a waste of your time and you will not be in a position to earn half of what is considered to be a minimum wage if those are the methods you choose to use.

    If you go for affiliate programs, it might be quite profitable if you know how to make sales and marketing products. If you are a felon, you can join any affiliate program, which are several online, you will get them readily available on the web. You can as well ask certain affiliate companies to ensure that, what you have found on the web, is reputable.

  • Labor agencies: There are several labor agencies all over which help felons to be able to get jobs. You should also know that there are other labor agencies which will not employ you if you have a criminal record. There are a lot of companies which can help connect felons with employers such as Every city tends to have their own companies which can do that. Do a google search and find out labor agencies in your area who can employee persons with criminal record.You can as well visit your social service department in your city and ask them to give you referrals to labor outsource places where you can get employed as a felon. When other employers are turning you down, it could be great if you applied with such companies due to the fact that, they help in weeding out all employers who are not accepting convicts. This will save you time and in the process, help you to connect with employers which will consider hiring you.
  • Starting a business: With only a few resources, you will be in a position to start a new business as a felon. If you can find a way to start it cheaply, you can get a job for a minimum wage and combine it with a small business which will ensure that you benefit.

14 Skills to Help you Survive University

Help you Survive University

The moment you enter to your new university campus all your dreams seem to be fulfilled isn’t it? It’s one of the best moments of your life and the next few years will be the ones to cherish the most. But surviving university life is not a easy deal. Many a people quit campus in the midway due to heavy stress.

Don’t fall into this stress mess. We are here to hold your back. In this article you will find 14 amazing skills that you should develop so as to survive university. Read on before you hit the campus.

  1. Be regular in class

Yes it’s tiring but this is the only way to panic when semester exams are knocking at door.

  1. Contact anti ragging cell

Ragging is a usual (not normal, remember that!) thing in university. But you should draw your limit. If it goes beyond tolerance don’t hesitate to contact anti ragging cell. Once you take the initiative fellow mates will back you surely.

  1. Make rapport with professors

This is crucial if you want to be in a good book of the professors.

Help you Survive University

  1. Be active in extra curricular

Extracurricular activities are your best way to snatch the limelight.

  1. Be prompt in class lecture

Class notes are what make you exclusive. Be prompt in writing. If you lag behind it’s a better option to record the lecture. This will come in handy during exam time.

  1. Pay in cash, not credit card

Credit cards allure to expend more. University life is your time to start budget plan. Try to pay in cash or debit cards so that you have a track of expenditure.

  1. Eat and sleep

Proper diet and 7 hrs sleep can never be ignored at any cost. No matter how much busy you are, try to get yourself good food and sleep. This will energize you all the more.

  1. Involve in group work

Group studies are beneficial and always fun. Involve into these. Clarify your doubts from your mates and also clarify their problems. This will help to enhance your bonding.

  1. Speedy reading

This is a healthy practice. Try to reduce your bike speed and rather indulge into fast reading.

  1. Basic cooking skill

No, cooking is not a feminine work. Hunger doesn’t wait for gender roles. So don’t hesitate to learn and practice some cooking skill. You don’t have to be a pro but the basics are always good to go.

  1. Learn to use washing machine

You can’t afford to have a maid in student life. So adapt the “self help is the best help” policy.

  1. Don’t go off control in night out

Night outs with friends are adventurous. But consume as much as your health permits.

  1. Deal with difficult mates

Yes this is tricky. But university life will give you ample opportunities to learn how to mingle with different sorts of people in the outer vast universe.

  1. Get hold of Student discount

…and save a few more bucks!

University life is about learning and also having fun. This is the golden time of your life. Make the best out of it!


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