Help you Survive University

14 Skills to Help you Survive University

The moment you enter to your new university campus all your dreams seem to be fulfilled isn’t it? It’s one of the best moments of your life and the next few years will be the ones to cherish the most. But surviving university life is not a easy deal. Many a people quit campus in the midway due to heavy stress.

Don’t fall into this stress mess. We are here to hold your back. In this article you will find 14 amazing skills that you should develop so as to survive university. Read on before you hit the campus.

  1. Be regular in class

Yes it’s tiring but this is the only way to panic when semester exams are knocking at door.

  1. Contact anti ragging cell

Ragging is a usual (not normal, remember that!) thing in university. But you should draw your limit. If it goes beyond tolerance don’t hesitate to contact anti ragging cell. Once you take the initiative fellow mates will back you surely.

  1. Make rapport with professors

This is crucial if you want to be in a good book of the professors.

Help you Survive University

  1. Be active in extra curricular

Extracurricular activities are your best way to snatch the limelight.

  1. Be prompt in class lecture

Class notes are what make you exclusive. Be prompt in writing. If you lag behind it’s a better option to record the lecture. This will come in handy during exam time.

  1. Pay in cash, not credit card

Credit cards allure to expend more. University life is your time to start budget plan. Try to pay in cash or debit cards so that you have a track of expenditure.

  1. Eat and sleep

Proper diet and 7 hrs sleep can never be ignored at any cost. No matter how much busy you are, try to get yourself good food and sleep. This will energize you all the more.

  1. Involve in group work

Group studies are beneficial and always fun. Involve into these. Clarify your doubts from your mates and also clarify their problems. This will help to enhance your bonding.

  1. Speedy reading

This is a healthy practice. Try to reduce your bike speed and rather indulge into fast reading.

  1. Basic cooking skill

No, cooking is not a feminine work. Hunger doesn’t wait for gender roles. So don’t hesitate to learn and practice some cooking skill. You don’t have to be a pro but the basics are always good to go.

  1. Learn to use washing machine

You can’t afford to have a maid in student life. So adapt the “self help is the best help” policy.

  1. Don’t go off control in night out

Night outs with friends are adventurous. But consume as much as your health permits.

  1. Deal with difficult mates

Yes this is tricky. But university life will give you ample opportunities to learn how to mingle with different sorts of people in the outer vast universe.

  1. Get hold of Student discount

…and save a few more bucks!

University life is about learning and also having fun. This is the golden time of your life. Make the best out of it!


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